Passion is the new online currency

Smartlike connects audiences with creators in a new way

Hungry for good content

Smartlike lets you indulge in your passions and connect with creators like never before.

Our unique recommendation engine recommends the best content available online, tailored to your interests and preferences.

Personalized and customizable, you’ll experience the internet like never before.

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Do it smart

Smartlike not only connects you to the newest content, it allows you to support your favorite creators with both views and financial appreciations.

When you like the content of your favorite YouTubers, bloggers, writers, artists, and creators, you can choose to send monetary appreciations their way. And every penny you give goes directly to them.

Smartlike takes no fees. Ever!

I love that I can send money to my favorite YouTubers. It’s a way to say, ‘Hey, thanks! Keep doing this!’

As an artist, I love that Smartlike gives a real picture of what people like, what they want, and the fact that my fans can support me directly is awesome.

On YouTube, it’s impossible to predict what’s going to hit and what’s going to flop. The appreciations on Smartlike are a snapshot of what’s working and where I can take my audience next!

The like button just got smarter

Connect with your favorite content creators like never before on Smartlike. Every like is a pledge of support to your favorite content creators. You can settle up those pledges and send money directly to your favorite creators. They’ll get every penny!

When you like the work of your favorite creator on Smartlike, their content is available to the whole of our community. Your like is smarter and more powerful than ever before. And your support means that creator can keep creating.

Smartlike shows you the best content, no matter the platform. The more you like, the smarter Smartlike gets.

SmartLike makes it possible to support any creator, even those who are not (yet) part of the SmartLike community.

Every monetary appreciation is directly sent to the creator

The transaction is 100% private and anonymous by default

Smartlike can never sell your data or abuse your privacy

Code is open-source and available for  everyone to review

Not a Company, a Community

SmartLike is made by creators for creators. It allows creators to get their work noticed by a wider audience and get paid for their work, effort, and creativity. Putting out great content is hard work, and Smartlike allows their fans to contribute to that process with small donations or appreciations.

We are creating a community of support and encouragement. Smartlike boosts viewership, landing more eyeballs on legitimately good content, and is one more way to monetize and fund even more great work.

We don’t take a commission, and we aren’t in it for the money. Every dollar or euro fans contribute to their favorite content is sent directly to the creators.