Smartlike is a global initiative operated under the non-profit charity “Verein zur Vernetzung von AutorInnen und deren UnterstützerInnen mittels der Plattform.” That’s a lot of German that somehow translates to even more English “Association for connecting authors and their fans through the platform”. To make it even more international, the website and app are maintained by Smartlike d.o.o, registered in Croatia.

We have folks in Austria, Germany, Croatia, France, St. Lucia, Australia, and the United States collaborating and contributing.

We are all writers and creators. We understand the struggle of distributing and monetizing our work. The internet is a big place, and everyone’s got bills to pay. It can feel impossible to get your content in front of the right people. Algorithms, SEO, influencers, pure luck – the odds seem stacked against the little guy, no matter how talented.

Tired of the struggle, we created our own ecosystem that allows creators to grow their visibility, get paid for their work, and connect with fans and creators in an unprecedented way. This isn’t just another sharing site. It is the platform we wished we had.

All of the streams
All of the platforms
Only one app

Our gift to you

We believe that many fans would like to donate a few cents to their favorite content. But until now, there was no existing micro-donation service. So we made one. And now we are sharing it. No fees, no costs, no strings, no commitments.

If creators want to support us, we’ll take it, but it’s totally optional. We have our content on Smartlike too!