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Turn your content into gold

Your audience can appreciate your work with just a click. When your first fan likes your work on Smartlike, your content is visible to every user we have. The more likes your content receives, the more eyeballs you’ll catch, the more money you can make. And on and on you roll.

Smartlike merges and personalizes millions of content streams into one app. It learns from users’ preferences and can recommend the next great piece of content to enjoy. Users can then like their favorite content creators’ work and pay them directly through our unique appreciations system.

Be Seen

Smartlike only shows stuff that was good enough to receive at least one cent. This is the first app that benefits both sides:

  • Users get increasingly good content tailored to their preferences
  • Authors enjoy higher visibility as well as the potential to earn more from their work

If you create great stuff on any platform, Smartlike provides a visibility boost that actually pays.

Smartlike in a video-nutshell

Smartlike is right for you if you want to

  • monetize your content
  • generate more visibility
  • distinguish really great content
  • create without fear of censorship

You can monetize your content on

  • YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo
  • your own blog or a blogging platform
  • publishing platforms like Medium
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more

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