Here are some common questions about Smartlike

Very First

What is Smartlike exactly?

Smartlike is a content platform that consists of two main elements: A content recommendation system and a content monetization system. It features content regardless of its form: Text, image, audio or video.

The content recommendation system enables folks who want to enjoy high-quality content to build their own personalized feed easily and quickly discovering new articles, videos, books, music and other content that suits their tastes.

The monetization system enables creators to grow their audience, gain more visibility and earn  money directly from their fans.

How does the recommendation system work?

When you use the Smartlike app or browser extension to smartlike a piece of content on any platform or website, that particular piece of content appears in your feed on Smartlike. The platform learns about your tastes based on your likes and recommends similar content based on the smartlikes and habits of other Smartlike users.

What is a smartlike/pledge and how does it work?

By smartliking a piece of content on the web, you not only add it to your personal feed on Smartlike, but you also pledge an amount of your choice to its creator. For instance, you can pledge 10 cents to a new video by your favorite video creator on YouTube. This increases that creator’s virtual balance on Smartlike. However, this has no effect on your or the creator’s balance in real money – no money changes hands yet. That comes later when you settle.

How does the monetization system work?

Monetization has two stages: First you accumulate virtual funds through pledges. You are given virtual credit when you create an account. These funds grow as users smartlike your content.

Although the pledges grow your virtual balance, they don’t automatically convert to real money.

Once a user decides to settle their pledges, they get to decide which one of the creators they pledged to receives the real money. If they decide on you, you receive their real money while your virtual balance is reduced by the same amount.

In practice: You have $100 in virtual balance. You publish a new video and a fan of yours pledges $1 to it. Your virtual balance is now $101. The same user also pledged different amounts to other creators. When they settle their pledges, they decide you should receive the money. You receive $10 in real money on your account and your virtual balance is reduced to $91.

You are only eligible to receive the balance in real money if your virtual balance is equal or higher than the total amount of pledges being settled by the user.

Are you sure that people are willing to do this?

Voluntary financial appreciations have worked for centuries with street musicians. Not every passer-by gives, but there are always people giving. Smartlike brings the financial part of street musicians to the web.

Views and Monetizing

How does my content appear on Smartlike?

When you or a fan of your work smartlikes a piece of your content using the Chrome browser extension or the app, your work will be added to the recommendation engine. This means that promoting your content on Smartlike presents very little or no additional effort at all.

How do I start using Smartlike?

The best way to start is by telling your audience to find you and support you on Smartlike. 

You have a unique Smartlike signature. Paste that, well, everywhere. Signatures, bios, profiles, headers, footers, voicemail messages,bumper stickers. That unique ID will connect people directly to all your content on Smartlike.

How do I get more views and grow my audience with Smartlike?

The more your existing audience engages with your content on the platform and the more smartlikes your content receives, the more often your content will be recommended to other users, giving you more exposure. More exposure again leads to more smartlikes and so on…

No Fees, No Commission

Are there any commissions on Smartlike?

Smartlike doesn’t take commissions and there are no fees for you or your fans. If a fan wants to send you ten bucks, you get ten bucks.

How come there are no commissions on Smartlike?

This is a project started by authors for the benefit of authors. Everyone on the team is a creator of a kind and in a way, we created the platform because we wanted to have something like that for ourselves.

How is the platform financed then?

Smartlike gets financed the same way that creators do – through appreciations from its users. You can send a few cents to the platform as a way of saying thanks for the help in discovering new content or simply share a few cents from the money you received.

The system is also fully transparent – the appreciations received by Smartlike as well as its expenses are publicly shared – so you can see if we are living like Donald Duck or Scrooge McDuck. If you like the service, smartlike us!

Do I send money to you?

Smartlike is not a payment processor and doesn’t receive the money that users send at all. The money sent goes directly to its recipient. However, money can be sent to Smartlike in order to support the platform and its team. This way, Smartlike is simply another peer in a peer-to-peer network.

Why is your payment system so complicated?

Until now, there hasn’t been a way to actually transfer cents. Even with the cheapest payment processor, sending a single cent would cost 35 cents thanks to transaction fees. Smartlike’s payment system is the only way currently available to make microtransactions on a mass scale.

Privacy, Safety & Comparison

Is my data on Smartlike safe?

We use modern cryptographic technology so that nobody can read your data. Not even us. There is also no central database to hack into. The data is decentralized and stored on thousands of computers. This makes your data more secure than on a regular server of a regular company.

Many have tried micro payments for creators and failed. What are you doing differently?

Every single micro payment system failed because of the chicken and egg problem: If there are no creators on the system, fans have nowhere to give their money to. If fans are not there, why should creators subscribe? Smartlike breaks that vicious cycle with smart tech. Fans don’t appreciate authors but content pieces. Every content piece in the world is eligible. When a fan appreciates that piece of content, the money sits there and waits until the author picks it up. Unlike all previous micropayment systems, fans can appreciate any content they like. Smartlike finds the chicken and tells them to pick up the eggs.

How are you different from Patreon?

While Patreon specializes in monetizing content, Smarlike helps its users both to monetize and grow their audience through its recommendation system, which can in turn also help them gain new patrons on Patreon. 

In addition, Smartlike enables one-time transactions, doesn’t process the payments and takes no commission whatsoever.


If I don't like my shirts, can I return them?

Just kidding, there are no shirts. When you have scrolled this far, you probably haven’t found what you were looking for. Drop us a mail at or talk to one of the team with the chat on the bottom right.