How Smartlike is different from Patreon and Buy Me A Coffee

23 Mar, 2020

Patreon is a subscription manager for creators. Fans pay a monthly amount, and occasionally receive exclusive content or early access. Some creators pledge to post one new content piece for every n-Dollars per month. Buy Me A Coffee is a smaller service that allows one-time donations from fans to creators.

Smartlike does one thing that the other services also do: get money from fans to creators. But it does it in a completely different way. Smartlike doesn’t collect the money from fans, as Patreon does. Our service connects fans and authors directly. This makes it possible to offer a free, no-strings-attached service. Patreon is nothing more than a payment processor, taking 5-10% of your subscription to handle the money. With these other services, there are two payment fees – one from fan to Patreon and one from Patreon to creators. Smartlike takes out the middle.

Not only does this make us more efficient and lower our costs, but it also means Smartlike can’t censor authors as Patreon does. If Patreon objects to a particular creator, she can’t offer subscriptions.

There is one thing that limits all previously existing services: they only work with creators who participate. Even with Patreon, there are only 500,000 creators registered. Nobody knows precisely how many content producers exist, but it is a lot more than 500k.

Smartlike uses a brilliant system: fans give their cents to content pieces, not creators. It could be a Youtube video or a blog post or a tweet. The money sits there and waits until the creator collects it. This means you can appreciate every creator in the world with a few cents.

Patreon doesn’t do anything for creators in terms of visibility. An author has a following or not. We know that every single creator in the world needs more views. This is what Smartlike differentiates from other services. On, we present all the content that was so good that people appreciated it with money. You don’t need a blue check to get your work seen by the people who’ll enjoy it the most. If your work is excellent, people appreciate, you become visible in the Smartlike app, you get more views. If your content is on Youtube or Medium, you get money there plus the money your fans send you directly on Smartlike.

Smartlike is a free tool for creators by creators. It’s the app we always wanted. That’s why we addressed both the monetization and the views.