Monetize Content With Smartlike

3 Mar, 2020

We are creating a better web by celebrating great content with tiny money appreciations.

The personalized Smartlike platform only shows content so great that people showed their appreciation by giving money to its authors. Users get only epic content.
Authors get both – tiny money appreciations and increased visibility through the Smartlike platform.

Smartlike takes no fees. 100% of the appreciations go to the authors.

A perfect fit for the market

The willingness of people to appreciate their favorite content creators with money is growing steadily. Users have pledged $350 million in 2018 alone through the subscription provider Patreon.

Smartlike delivers a solution for a yet untapped field: transferring micro amounts. It attracts all users who would like to show their appreciation but not pay $5 per month for a subscription to a single author.

Smartlike is the first technology allowing true peer-to-peer transactions as low as 1 cent per transaction without any fee. Smartlike is a gift, just as the appreciations it facilitates.

I appreciate great content by giving 1 cent, or 10 cents or even a dollar directly to my favorite ‘tubers

“For me as an artist, receiving financial appreciation for great content can be epic.”

“As a youtube artist I can get fairer additional pay for the same exposure. Even for content I produced before joining Smartlike

The Smartlike Sign – more than a button

Casual appreciations, small or large, are as easy as one click in the mobile app or in the browser.

Smartlike makes it possible to show appreciation to any author, even those who are not (yet) part of the Smartlike community.

Authors who have already picked up their donations are visible through our Smartlike technology.

Collect appreciations. They are immediately yours.

Every appreciation is directly sent to the author.

For the user, the transaction is 100% private and anonymous by default.

Smartlike takes zero fee.

If users click on the Smartlike icon on an author page, they see how much money the author received for this particular content piece.

Smartlike is a social stream & search engine for the most epic content

Conventional likes can be bought cheaply and ratings can be faked. Today we can never know for sure if the content we are looking at is truly great. Smartlike changes everything:

Tiny appreciations are better “votes” for great content. Users wouldn’t give if it wasn’t truly mindblowing.

For the first time in the history of the web we get to know what is really good. And we can trust it since it is too expensive to fake.

Smartlike is the search engine & social stream for only the greatest content.

Early draft of SmartLike app

More visibility for authors.

The charts and many social features give authors with epic content greatly increased visibility. This leads to many more tiny appreciations.

Authors can earn from their original content as well as from the social interactions on Even users without their own content can receive appreciations for curated channels.

Personalization makes Smartlike more than a search engine. More than a social stream.

“I follow @exotic-traveller-89, from all sources except twitter. I want Smartlike to show me only the stuff from the last 30 days and remind me when something new is published in the category Travel.“

“I want to be surprised with good movie recommendations.”

“I follow whoever the user @muzakluv follows but only in the category Jazz and Funk. I only want content from Spotify and Youtube.

“I am @muzakluv and on my channel you can find the greatest musicians.”

Smartlike tiny appreciations uses true peer-to-peer transactions

The app Smartlike is usually not involved in any transaction. They go directly from the audience to the authors. Smartlike is not a payment processor, doesn’t take fees and cannot execute financial censorship.

Not a Company but a Movement

Smartlike is made by authors and lovers of great content. We don’t take a commission. For every dollar or euro that users spend, 100 cents are transferred to authors. The running costs are paid with appreciations made to Smartlike. The names of appreciation recipients are public, but all user data is stored exclusively in your wallet. We can never monetize your data or abuse your privacy. We prove this by using open source code.

 And Now What?

Register with Smartlike! Pre-registry opens soon. In the meantime, get in contact with