How did you do it, Peter McKinnon?

21 Sep, 2019

We take a peak into the strategy and monetization of the super successful photography Youtuber.  

Peter McKinnon is a photographer & filmmaker. lover of coffee and good stories, currently residing in Toronto, as he describes himself. He has 4 Million followers on his youtube photography channel. That is certainly enough to ask how the heck did he do that? 

But let’s first have a look at Peter’s first and still most successful video: 

Peter McKinnon

Fortunately, fellow YouTube Paddy Galloway has asked the same question and found a few answers. He categorized McKinnons actions in three steps: 

  1. Gaining attention
  2. Providing quality content
  3. Growing relationships

But let’s enjoy the Paddy’s explainer video:

Paddy Galloway on Peter McKinnon

Since this video gained some sort of cult following, Paddy did a follow up looking at how Peter McKinnon monetizes his content: 

Paddy Galloway on Peter McKinnon

I looked up one of Paddy’s sources and found an interview that Sara Dietschy did with McKinnon. Here is a part where they talk about the importance of Google ads for Peter. 

That Creative Life with Peter McKinnon

Graphic by One Man Line / Shutterstock, color by Marcell

Marcell Nimfuehr

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