Gwenna Laithland

is a professional writer, humorist, and essayist. She manages the communication chaos helping creators and fans jump on board. There’s some word stuff too. You can find her writings here

Karlo Krznarić

is a public speaking coach and author. He is preaching the gospel of Smartlike to everybody who wants to hear. Find his coaching business hereKarlo on LinkedIn.

Sara Bertić

is a professional photographer and digital marketing wizard at Firefly Agency. She has all the crazy ideas for our social media stuff.

Marcell Nimfuehr

is a writer and filmmaker. He loves Smartlike so much that he wants to have his fingers in everything. If you want to a watch a documentary film of his hereMarcell on LinkedIn

Jelena Tomić

is a digital marketing specialist and marketing guru in Firefly Agency. She knows all the numbers of Smartlike by heart.

Saša Ilišević

is a journalist, digital maven, and co-founder of Equinox Vision which brings augmented reality (AR) to social networking. At Smartlike, he talks to journalists and finds the best creators’ resources on the web for our blog.


Goga Agatić

is a graphic designer. The super-cute people illustrations you find on this page come from her creative mind.

Vadim Frolov

is a linguist and inventor. He created Smartlike in the proverbial garage. As a lover of great content, he is the champion for what fans want.


Nicolas Marshall

is a software magician who develops what’s under the hood of Smartlike. He is a digital nomad and we often don’t know where he is.

Luka Cindrić

is a programming wizard and brings the Smartlike app to the iPhone.


Tomislav Čukelj

is to thank that Smartlike looks so fine as he is our User Experience and User Interface specialist.

Josip Parać

is to Android what Luka Cindrić is to the iPhone. He makes the best Android app on the Playstore.

Anton Belenets

has the toughest task of all. He tells the developers when they create bugs (which they never do). He is the one who sees everything.

Janah Frederick

is a super-mom who finds the time to grind our data until it becomes smooth and usable.


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