The “Business” Model of Smartlike

12 Mar, 2020

“How do you make money?” is always the very first question we hear. Time for a short answer.


 We have lower overhead

Smartlike doesn’t take commission or fees from either creators or fans. That’s the starting business model of everybody else on the web, but, as sites like Patreon prove, it’s not sustainable. If an app takes commission from a financial transaction, it becomes a payment processor, and that is the most expensive cost item you can have. Smartlike doesn’t process payments; the app connects fans and creators directly. We are cheaper! In a good way.

Collaborative projects need less capital

Smartlike is a non-profit organization. We are a beacon for a collaborative economy where everybody has a share. We don’t aspire to become a Silicon Valley unicorn. We don’t need expensive growth for shareholders, but rather try to thrive with all users organically. We don’t need millions.

Your support

Each of our activists still needs to pay rent. Buy food. Go for a drink occasionally. Smartlike is not only a super app to discover great content. Under the hood, it runs on small financial appreciations from fans to their favorite creators. Smartlike is also a creator, and we hope you find the app and its services so good that you like us with a few cents. They accumulate and hopefully dress and feed and warm all of us.

We’re creators too

We don’t take commissions from creators. But Smartlike is built for creators by creators. Our work is on Smartlike, earning just like all of our creators. It’s in our best interest, on a personal level, to see this system thrive. In their dashboard, creators have the option to give us a few cents of their financial appreciations. We won’t think less of a creator who doesn’t share. But we aren’t above puppy dog eyes, either.

All is transparent

Everybody can see how much money Smartlike has received in financial appreciations. We will also post our expenses so that you can see if we are trending more Oprah or Ebenezer Scrooge.

Why this works

Voluntary financial appreciations have worked for centuries with street musicians, artists, and buskers. Not every passer-by gives, but there are always people giving. Tones and I, of Dance Monkey fame, started as street performers in Australia. People gave to support the art that moved them. A dollar here, a few coins there. They got noticed and now look at them. Smartlike brings the financial part of street musicians to the web. We believe so much in this human principle that we bank on it ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and spread the love.