The Double Dip

9 Mar, 2020

By Gwenna Laithland

If the saying is true, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day,” it’s companion must be “Creative money pays bills in cash and worries.” The life of a creative isn’t for everyone. None of us are ever really comfortable with the revenue that comes from our content, no matter how much. There’s always a part of us waiting for the bottom to drop out or the algorithm to fail. As writers and content creators, we need to get the most out of every piece of work we put out there. Smartlike allows creators a unique chance to do just this.

I grew up in Oklahoma. We have weird weather, a lot of cows, and a little chain of fast-food restaurants called Braum’s Ice Cream Store. When I was young, there was nothing so beautiful as a day that included a trip to Braum’s.

They served okay-ish hamburgers and floppy, crinkle-cut fries, but you sort of endured those for the sake of dessert. The ice cream they served was the best in the state. It was creamy and smooth and came in over one hundred flavors. Ribbons of marshmallow, fudge, caramel, or decadent fruit preserves ran through some. Others hid hearty reserves of nuts, chocolates, or candies.

Braum’s. Best Ice Cream in OKC. By Ichabod / CC BY-SA (

Typically, my mom would limit my ice cream to just one scoop. I had to narrow down those choices from a million to only one. Would it be Cherry Chocolate Chunk or Coconut Key Lime Cheesecake? The decision was always harrowing.

But every so often, my mom would relent and grant me a childhood pleasure. I’d be allowed a double-dip in a hand-rolled waffle cone. It was just one more scoop, but it felt like the whole ice cream world opened up in my elementary school hands—two perfectly round, frozen scoops of childhood bliss.

The double-dip was the epitome of satisfaction then.

Now, as an adult and content creator, the term double-dip has taken on a new meaning. And it still brings me just as much pleasure. As a creator, double-dipping is the ability to tap two sources for income and views with the same work.

I post a piece of content to one website and receive monies for the work per agreement, contract, or arrangement. Then, I’m occasionally able to share that work with other places like Medium or TikTok and net a whole different audience and payout.

If diversification is the key to finding financial security as a freelance creator, then double-dipping is the is way to maximize your profits while minimizing your effort. And that’s ultimately what all of us are seeking to do. Mo’ money, less work.

Here’s where Smartlike comes in. Mo’ money, less work. Smartlike allows you to double-dip on every piece of art, writing, filming, or creation you can put to the internet. Not only do you receive the views and money from the original platform, but you can accept appreciations and payment from your fans directly on Smartlike.

For example, I’m a writer and publish certain works to Medium. Through the Medium Partner Program, I’m paid by read time. Although the metric is shrouded in mystery, dollars trickle in as eyeballs drink in my writing. Some pieces do quite well while others float off into the ether, barely seen and probably underappreciated.

In comes Smartlike. Now, those pieces have the chance to earn even more. Because of Smartlike’s intensely intelligent recommendation engine, the app shows my Medium piece to even more people likely to enjoy my article. When our app recommends the article, they still read it on Medium. This means that their read is still factored into that super-secret read time metric. If that Smartlike user is also a Medium subscriber, I get paid via Medium.

But, that new fan can also support me directly with financial appreciations on Smartlike. They can offer up as little as a penny via our app as a “Thanks!” and “Please, may I have some more?” Those pennies add up quickly. And there we have the double-dip. I get my paycheck from Medium because the article was published there, plus I get the direct fan appreciation through Smartlike.

Mo’ money, less effort. It’s pure creator bliss, the epitome of freelancer satisfaction.

Gwenna Laithland

Gwenna is a professional writer, humorist and essayist. She also manages the chaos in communications with Smartlike.